Studies show that there are approximately 86 million Americans that are suffering from some type of cardiovascular disease or have survived the after-effects of a heart attack or stroke. This is a very alarming rate which needs to be addressed.

All is not yet lost. The American Heart Association (AHA) has reported that stroke survivors who were willing to do 6,000 steps or more within a day were shown to lower their risk of having another attack. People who participated were shown to remain stroke-free as compared to those who don’t. What’s more, those who did not participate or who walked less than 6,000 steps were found to have a significantly higher chance of having additional vascular problems such as stroke, heart attack and blocked arteries.

ContinuCare Home Health Inc. in San Antonio Texas suggests heart attack survivors to be more physically active. By boosting activity level, many stroke survivors have been able to lower their chances of getting stroke or heart attack in the future. This news is very beneficial especially for those stroke survivors who are in a home health care setting. Just by ensuring they have ample time to exercise and move around, the chances of having and suffering from another stroke can be lowered.

The key to a healthier heart is consistent physical activity. Apart from physical activity serving as a safe practice, it can also be used as part of a stroke survivor’s recovery plan. It is important for the patient to hit the recommended 6,000 steps a day or more. This can be easily done if the patient, his or her family and the home health care team help engage the patient to do the best he or she can. For patients, make sure to start gentle and just slowly build your exercise level up. Make it a point to consult with the physican before undergoing an exercise plan. For specialized assistance, the patients and their family can also get the home health care team to assist their loved ones. If you live in the San Antonio area, you can check out ContinuCare Home Health Inc.