Heart failure is caused by a variety of reasons. I may happen due to damage from a prior heart attack, having chronic high blood pressure, developing valve disorders, acquiring infections and even genetic reasons. A weak hear cannot pump adequate blood to meet the body’s needs. This causes a build-up of fluid that always leads to edema or swelling, shortness of breath and overall weakness. What’s more, the body’s response to all of this is to force the heart to work harder in order to compensate. This vicious cycle further weakens the already damaged heart. People who suffered from heart failure often find themselves back in the hospital within six months of recovering from their first attack.

Making positive lifestyle choices can deter this downward spiral. Choosing to live healthy can help manage heart failure, lower the trips back to the hospital and overall live a longer, fuller life. ContinuCare Home Health Inc. in San Antonio lists down some tips to help manage heart failure:

Follow proper medications

Make sure to take prescription drugs exactly as what the doctor ordered. This includes the exact time, frequency and amount. Never change medication unless suggested by the doctor. Getting home health care service may help those who find it difficult to follow proper medication.

Have a healthy diet

It is a good idea to keep a log of the daily food intake so the patient and the doctor can keep track of it. Making small changes can help for those who find it hard to control and manage their food intake. Good news is, the body can learn to adjust over time.

Be physically active

Be physically active as much as possible. Look for activities that interest the patient such as walking, swimming or even riding the bike. A few minutes a day is a good start, then just build up time and intensity after.

Track progress

Any sudden weight gain is a warning sign of fluid build up in the body for those who suffered heart failure. Make sure to weigh the body everyday and record it. The doctor can inform you if the weight gain is safe or not.

Keep in touch with the doctor

Make sure to always attend follow-up appointments set by the doctor. Always update him with any noticeable changes to avoid further complications and probable hospitalization.