One Patient – One Team

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Families need to know what’s going on with their loved one’s medical progress and doctors need to know exactly what’s going on with their patients at home. ContinuCare’s One Point of Contact has made it extremely easy for families and doctors to be up to date with the medical condition of a patient.

Doctors have stressed how pleasing it is to know which one of ContinuCare’s RN-Case Mangers is responsible managing the patients “Plan of Care,” from day 1. Doctors have shared how difficult it is finding “Who,” is the person handling the skilled nursing visits for one their patients with other home health agencies. ContinuCare Home Health communicates the first day which RN-Case Managers will assigned to their patient avoiding costly mistake and unnecessary confusion.

Families are grateful for our commitment to communicating the progress of their loved one’s health condition. With life being more hectic than ever clear and accurate communication is more important than ever.