Qualifying For Service

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In order to quality for Home Health Services from any agency in the state of Texas there are a few set of qualifying factors that must be answered so that Medicare/Medicaid/Private Insurances will cover the cost of home health visits.

3 Simple Steps

Step #1

Are you Home-bound? Do you or your loved one need assistance leaving the home frequently. Does the potential patient find it difficult leaving their home without someone’s help.


Step #2

Contact us to communicate your current medical challenge, current insurance provider, and current home situation.


Step #3

Call Your Doctor for Approval: Once you have spoken to us and you agree ContinuCare is the kind of company you want coming into the privacy of your home to care for you, simply call your doctors office and make the request known to them. We will follow-up with your request with a Patient Request for Services Document. Your doctor can authorize you for Home Health Services as quickly as 24 hours from the initial request.

Our Case Management staff will contact you once you doctor has approved the request and set an appointment for the initial assessment at home.Call us today to discuss the uniqueness of your current medical situation and let us cut the clutter.

ContinuCare makes it simple……

Contact us today to get started.