Suffering from diabetes? Scared of that check-up? ContinuCare Home Health Inc. in San Antonio Texas lists down what you should expect at your first visit to the doctor.

The doctor will ask you questions to reveal your medical history. He may ask you about your lifestyle, any complications experienced and your previous treatment plan if there’s any. After that, you will undergo a complete physical examination. Your blood, urine and glucose level will be checked. Depending on your age, complications and symptoms, your doctor may suggest more laboratory tests. Once all the results are in, it will be evaluated. Your doctor and health care team will then give you a plan of care so you can better manage your diabetes.

To make sure you health care is thorough, here are some of the procedures they may perform to you:

  • measure your height and weight
  • look in your mouth, and ask about your dental health
  • feel your abdomen to check your liver and other organs
  • take your pulse
  • look at your hands and fingers
  • look at your bare feet, and check the sensation and pulses in your feet
  • test your reflexes
  • take blood and urine samples for tests
  • ask about your eating habits and weight history
  • ask how often and how hard you exercise
  • ask about times you’ve had ketoacidosis as well as low blood glucose reactions
  • ask about infections you’ve had
  • ask what complications you’ve had and what treatments you’ve received for them
  • ask what medicines you are taking

As early as your first visit, creating a diabetes care plan is crucial. Your plan of care will not necessarily be similar to other diabetes patients since the plan is based and adapted to a patient’s specific lifestyle. Work/school schedule, level of activity, diet, cultural background and other medical problems will be considered. It is important for all diabetes patients to be very involved when making their diabetes plan of care. Patient involvement should happen or else, the plan of care will not fit with the patient’s life and will just fail at the end.